Johanssen + Kretschmer (J+K) was established in 2001. To this day, the consultancy for strategic communication and stakeholder management is owner-operated and independent.

Right from the start, J+K has focused its consultancy on integrating various stakeholders’ perspectives. With a 40+ staff in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich, we advise clients in the public sector and companies operating in changing regulatory environments such as energy, mobility, digital, health/pharma and media. We offer a unique stakeholder-centred approach. It aims at growing any organisation’s relations capital and to preserve and expand its respective strategic options. In almost 20 years of successful consultancy, we have accumulated a wealth of experience advising firms of all sizes.

Knowhow. Impact. Results.


We subscribe to a Code of Business applying equally to our staff and business partners. We firmly believe in the value of compliant, transparent consulting. J+K is an original member of the German Association of Political Consultants (de’ge’pol). The organisation advocates transparency in political consulting and a mandatory registry for political advisors.

Company news

On February 1st, 2018, Geraldine Schroder has been appointed Managing Director of Berlin-based, independent Communications consultancy firm Johanssen + Kretschmer (J+K) next to Heiko Kretschmer who founded J+K's in 2000, and partner Matthias Bischof.

Johanssen + Kretschmer is a Berlin-based agency specialising in strategic communications solutions. Founded in 2000, we are still independent and currently employ a staff of fifty. As a full service agency we help companies, institutions and organisations to develop and implement internal and external communications programmes.



J+K operates, with 40+ consultants, near our clients throughout Germany, drawing on networks and deep knowledge of local specifics at our five locations in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Munich. Please contact branch managers or headquarters in Berlin.


Berlin is Johanssen + Kretschmer’s central hub. Being close to political decision makers pays off when consulting companies. When consulting public institutions, also, Berlin is a crucial location. Consultants in the capital support their colleagues from other J+K offices.

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Frankfurt am Main

Principal Thorsten Plath is J+K head of the Frankfurt office. The team focuses on corporate consultancy of large and medium-sized companies.

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In Düsseldorf and Munich Johanssen + Kretschmer is represented by our consulting partner Klaus Lintemeier, who offers you his comprehensive expertise and consultation experience.

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In Düsseldorf and Munich Johanssen + Kretschmer is represented by our consulting partner Klaus Lintemeier, who offers you his comprehensive expertise and consultation experience.

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The J+K Network

Jointly with our partners in the >J+K agency network, we complement strategic consultancy with excellent and creative services across all communication disciplines.


Smart, curious, dedicated people are our principal asset. We offer sound training and a broad range of consultancy projects. Interested in getting in touch? Please contact us anytime.


We certainly like challenges. Which is why we strive to combine flextime schemes with the on-demand client service that is typical for consulting demanding projects. We offer individual working schemes that, just as well, fit with your needs wherever possible.

An internship – any time

Our trainees provide important analytical support and assist the teams in conducting research – while gaining an insight into hands-on consultancy and processes in different projects. Minimum duration: three months.


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