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Communications consultancy Johanssen + Kretschmer
to extend Managing board

Ex-Corporate Communications Head Geraldine Schroeder appointed Managing Director

On February 1st, 2018, Geraldine Schroder has been appointed Managing Director of Berlin-based, independent Communications consultancy firm Johanssen + Kretschmer (J+K) next to Heiko Kretschmer who founded J+K's in 2000, and partner Matthias Bischof.

Prior to joining the company, Geraldine served in executive positions within different companies - among them Swedish utility Vattenfall, German engineering company Voith and French energy giant ENGIE.

“Dedicated, experienced staff with a penchant for complex issues, and a clear-cut focus on what clients and their respective stakeholders, that is J+K's recipe for success”, says Geraldine. “I feel honoured to be trusted with the position as the firm's third Managing Director and will continue to offer my corporate experience.”

Managing Partners Heiko Kretschmer and Matthias Bischof: "We are very happy about that significant extension of our Managing board and fully confident that, with Geraldine's know-how and international outreach and working experience, we will continue to secure success and market visibility as one of the leading Communications and stakeholder management consultancies in the German market.”

Geraldine Schroeder continues to operate at J+K's HQ in Berlin and advising clients all over Germany and beyond. She also serves as liaison partner for J+K's partnership with UK consultancy Hanover Communications, itself Agency of the Year for Public Affairs 2017.


Johanssen + Kretschmer is a Berlin-based agency specialising in strategic communications solutions. Founded in 2000, we are still independent and currently employ a staff of fifty. As a full service agency we help companies, institutions and organisations to develop and implement internal and external communications programmes.

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