Geraldine Schroeder


+49 (0)30 520 00 57 21

Geraldine Schroeder studied Musicology and History in Germany and the UK. After working as a journalist in TV and radio for a few years at the beginning of her career, from 2003 the native Berliner held managing positions for our company for about 15 years – mostly in the fields of energy and engineering. She gathered extensive experience in such fields as strategy development, management and the restructuring of national and international communications as well as concept development and support of intercultural communication and governance processes of large and medium-sized companies.

Geraldine Schroeder became a consulting partner on the Board of Partners of JK in October 2016. In February 2018 Geraldine Schroeder went on to become a member of the consultancy’s Management Board. In April 2020 she decided to resign from her duties as managing director and become a partner.

At JK she is in charge of projects in the development of communication strategies for large, medium-sized, nationally as well as internationally operating companies.