Long-standing experience and a systematic approach to communications. For your projects in the private and the public sector.

We expand your strategic options and enforce your legitimate interests. Be it in multi-stakeholder dialogue, in handling crises, in building acceptance for disputed projects, during takeovers or restructuring processes, or in dealing with technological change. We tailor our strategy to your particular needs and set up result-oriented processes. Vis-à-vis your organisation’s important stakeholders, we enhance your share of voice.

Our offer: Deep know-how in various industry sectors, relevant networks, a wealth of expertise in strategic communications and public affairs.

Areas of Expertise and Industry Sectors

Relations capital

Sustainable relations are your most important asset.

Building relevant acceptance for your organisation.
Strategic communications safeguard and increase your relations capital.

In today’s world, stakeholders’ acceptance is indispensable, and sustainable relations with key multipliers are just as important as traditional financial indicators, holding the key to your licence to operate. This is why we focus on improving your relations with stakeholders relevant for your business.

To enforce your legitimate interests and expand your room for manoeuvre, we map your existing stakeholder relations and focus on a result-oriented exchange with your stakeholders. We identify challenges ahead and design roadmaps to further build your organisation’s relations capital. We set up processes and measures to link communications processes with the overall management agenda.

Building relations capital: Communications’ core function

As intangible assets, sound stakeholder relations are vital for the success, impact potential and the influence any organisation can muster. Our advisory service makes allowance for your diverse multipliers’ expectations and demands, thus creating value. Bearing in mind your legitimate interests, our communications advice focuses on the dual perspective of stakeholders and our clients and their exchange.


Areas of expertise

Industry sectors