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Virtual Dialogue and Participation – Can it Work?

Since March 2020, companies and organisations throughout Germany have restricted business activities and social contacts due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We ourselves were intensively planning events, workshops, meetings and different participation formats just a few days ago. Now, we face the challenge of not being able to implement these formats in the usual way, with direct interpersonal dialogue.

The crucial question is not whether participation, information, and discussion should generally be conducted online or offline. Social and political activity continues, albeit greatly in adapted form. Even in the face of Covid-19, decision-making and decision-making processes have not come to a standstill. And it is precisely in these exceptional times that exchange about important issues, political concerns and projects can be left by the wayside or on hold for the time being.

In the current phase of social distancing we will continue to implement effective stakeholder dialogues and participation formats with you. JK is here to offer support in these new conditions, to actively and responsibly shape continuous exchange with relevant stakeholders, and thus to maintain crucially important relationship capital. Especially now it is important to establish and to maintain contact, not to postpone important issues, but to actively promote them and to represent legitimate interests.

There are a number of technical possibilities available for this purpose, which must be used in the most optimal way. In cooperation with our experienced partner AMBION GmbH we are offering you a proven and adaptable solution for professional digital exchange and interaction with relevant stakeholder groups as an alternative to personal meetings, presentations, workshops, participation events or conferences. Of course, events that are based on and designed for personal discussion cannot always be transformed one-to-one into digital events. But along with you, JK will develop formats that correspond to your digital framework and are effective with regard to the goals you want to achieve.

In order to successfully enter into dialogue online, analysis is the first step to a successful cooperation. Here, the focus is on questions like: what is the goal of an event, meeting or discussion? Who should be addressed? How confidential are the issues? The respective answers determine the appropriate digital solutions. There are a variety of options for every requirement and every discussion format:


Conferences, plenums, podiums and workshops

In terms of the number of participants, there are technically almost no limits; between 10 and up to 20,000 participants can be addressed without complications. But dialogue intensity and interactivity determine with how many people an exchange will be purposeful and useful. Guest speakers and experts can be involved from anywhere in the world with sufficient bandwidth, the same applies to the participants.


Public or closed event?

You decide whether your event should be publicly accessible or offered only to a selected audience. Different audiences in a digital conference are also possible. It goes without saying that our solutions comply with data protection regulations - unlike most free web-based applications.


Recordings or Live Streams

This is not an either/or question because both are possible, and can be combined. You can record discussions and impulses or live stream them with sound and video. Whatever you choose, the transmission is optimized to every device type, from desktop to tablet, to smartphone.


Information or Interaction

Even if it is "just" a matter of descriptive information transmission, the rules that apply to online presentation and communication are different, and not just technical ones. If real interaction is to take place, if participants are to be given the opportunity to ask questions, make comments or contribute to discussions via video interaction, chat, telephone or social networks, then moderation know-how is required to steer the discussion. You can let the audience vote live on selected questions, evaluate alternatives and express their opinions. By connecting a whiteboard, the results, as well as handwritten documentation, are immediately available to all participants. In addition, in-depth material can be made available for direct download.


This is only a selection of possibilities for digital communication and participation that we are currently developing and putting into practice for you. We are already conceiving and applying digital solutions in cooperation with and for our customers.

Contact us at any time, and we will be happy to provide you with relevant examples and offers on the phone or through video chat.

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