Brand Consulting


Brands are abstract entities that first take shape among their target groups. The cultural, rational and emotional mediation of a company can only succeed if it reaches the relevant stakeholders. This is why we don't only think brands from the standpoint of brand core and corporate identity but also consider, from the outset, the expectations and attitudes of the various stakeholders: What do consumers expect? And what, on the other hand, do NGOs or employees expect? These factors form the dimensions of the J + K Brand Model. It is within these dimensions that a brand takes effect: as a product brand, an employer brand, a share brand and a partner brand.

We build bridges from the brand core to the expectations and, in this way, create consistent and open brands. We then find the right expression by applying our corporate design expertise and a brand-appropriate communication strategy. Brands create frameworks of reference and form the background that allows a company or a product to appear in a certain light. Our approach enables us to create modern, credible brands in tune with their stakeholders. And this means added value for our clients.