Corporate Social Responsibility


Sustainability, responsibility and good governance are not fads but reality in increasingly globalized value chains. More and more businesses are leveraging the social and ecological challenges as engines of product innovation – differentiation, growth and competitive advantage are the benefits. And, in step with this trend, the public increasingly expects companies to take responsibility for their impacts on society and the environment. CSR is therefore not about short-term image improvement but stands for and shapes a company's whole attitude and should form a common thread running through every activity.

We understand CSR not only as a company's communications response to the expectations of its stakeholders but also as a strategic attitude and a constructive opening to the concerns of society. This is why we offer a consultancy portfolio that addresses every aspect of CSR: from structured analysis, through CSR strategy development and implementation, to the performance of specific CSR actions, such as sustainability reporting in line with GRI or CoP. Our products in this segment also include CSR audits and workshops. Our consulting impacts not only the brand but also corporate value – so that CSR both enhances reputation and acts as a driver for innovation.