Crisis Communication


Crises can hit any company. But not all companies are prepared. We help our clients to prevent crises, to get ready for them and to respond fast and effectively when it comes to the worst.

To provide an early warning system, we establish a systematic Issues + Reputation Management system. It is designed so that clients will recognize critical issues and developments at an early stage. If a crisis does unfold, organizations must be well prepared. By creating a customized crisis communication system and drawing up scenarios, we keep clients ahead of the game and help them to stay in control of perceptions. Clear designation of responsibilities and decision-making processes are helpful here, as are rules on the use of language. Our strength is that we can find customized solutions for clients on the basis of standards: from the provision of media training, through the production of crisis manuals with crisis roadmaps, to the deriving of scenarios, we offer clients ongoing support and get them in the best possible shape to deal with an emergency.

In an acute crisis, clients can call our experts in for on-the-spot interventions. We will ensure short response times and a unified and transparent information policy. The added value for our clients is that they can move quickly out of the defensive position.