Issues + Reputation


Only when an issue raises public interest in society does it become relevant. And the timescale for proactively shaping the perceptions of that issue is short. That's because public opinion is difficult to influence once it has been formed. In public discourse, our clients are always one step ahead. We make sure they have this important information lead and stay well prepared for any possible change. We help our clients to anticipate developments well in advance and to influence events quickly and effectively by recommending concrete actions. That's the added value delivered by J + K Issues And Reputation Management.

From analysis to scenario development, our consulting services are geared to strengthening the reputation of our clients in their relationships with stakeholders. Seeking to keep control of the way developments are interpreted and thus safeguarding the interests of our clients, we monitor emerging issues with the help of the J + K Issues Agenda and evaluate them in terms of their communicative opportunities and risks.


The Issues Agenda is a digital platform for structured and efficient tracking and assessment of issues and topics as they unfold. Flows of information on various topics, players and events is constantly pooled, collated and assessed for logical linkages. This gives us an overview of all the relevant media reports, statements made by the players involved, information from meetings and conferences, and political contacts. To enable us to act quickly, our people working on the J + K Issues Agenda also file pre-prepared statements or agreed and authorized wordings. The compiled content is made available online and can be accessed at any time. So our clients are never lost for words.