Public Affairs


Representing the interests of companies or associations in the sphere of government and politics is a sensitive task. The focus is not simply on getting messages across in a one-sided manner, but building up enduring relationships. This demands a precise understanding of the relevant players and their expectations and attitudes. We know you can't come up with answers without being able to listen carefully. The question of what is being said when to whom comprises a strategic approach to managing the many different contacts. The skills demanded range from prioritizing through to defining frequency and intensity. This is a prerequisite for success in initiating constructive debates and actively raising issues. Analyzing the marketplace for political opinions and building contacts with the political movers and shakers are every bit as important here as having the right feel for the emerging issues in society.

We see public affairs not as a task that can only be tackled in closed backroom discussions but as a transparent and constructive contribution to the communicative interlinking of business, politics and society. We make sure our clients have a strong voice and help them to build their own communication networks. We empower them to give answers to political and social questions and become players of relevance to policymakers. This understanding of our mission shapes all our work. And adds value for our clients.